Physiotherapy with a Difference.

At Whitehall Physiotherapy we pride ourselves in staying ahead of the game and always look for new ways to help you recover more quickly.

What We Do

Physiotherapists help to restore movement and get people functioning after injury or illness.  We do this in two ways:

HANDS-ON treatments – to mobilise any stiffness or tension which might be relevant to your problems.  We treat the cause which may not be next to the painful area.

REHABILITATION – you will be shown what movements might be contributing to your problem and will be coached how best to sit, stand and walk and which exercises you can do to reduce your discomfort, as well as anything to avoid.  You will get a chance to practise all this to make sure you understand what to do.

Why Physiotherapists

Physiotherapists are degree-based Health Care Professionals who use the latest science and plenty of practical know-how to provide the best treatments to get people moving better after injury.

Why Whitehall Physiotherapy are Different

  1. We don’t just hand out sheets of exercises or give you a massage!!  At Whitehall Physiotherapy we make sure you get hands on treatment when you need it and we give you a chance to practise exercises in the clinic so you don’t go home wondering what to do.
  2. We show you a treatment plan that you can read through to check you understand.  See our example treatment plan.
  3. We think through your problem.  If you don’t improve, we change your treatment or write a letter to your GP.
  4. We involve you in your treatment.  We educate and coach you to improve your awareness of your problem and make sure you know how you can help fix it.
  5. We help you move better.  If you move well you’ll feel better!!

We offer a thorough assessment which will include history, relevant medical background, physical examination/testing, diagnosis and information/advice and/or a rehab programme for your specific needs.

Whitehall Physiotherapy actively encourages and facilitates the education of physiotherapy students, newly qualified physiotherapists and students wishing to follow a career within physiotherapy. We are happy to mentor, offer clinical experience and educate students in order to promote physiotherapy as a career.

We have had many students passing through on their way to university and 2 are now fully qualified.

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Members

We are members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, registered with the Health Professions Council and have been qualified for several years having worked in the NHS, private practice, and the sporting field.

We participate in continuing professional development so you can be sure that the treatment and information you are receiving is researched and up to date.

We offer thorough assessments which include:

  • history
  • relevant medical history
  • lifestyle assessment
  • physical examination
  • info/advice
  • and exercises/rehab for your specific needs.

Our facilities include private treatment rooms and a small but effective rehab area suitably equipped for your needs.

Where appropriate you may be referred on to see a specialist or your GP.

Treatment sessions are approximately 45 minutes and are focused on treating you and your condition.

Bio Mechanical Screening

At Whitehall Physiotherapy we use the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) to rate and grade how people move.  This helps us track progress and guide a plan to help you reduce risk of injury, recover from pain or surgery and even improve performance at work or sport.  It is a great tool for employers or sports coaches to prevent time off due to injury.  One of our physiotherapists is certified in the FMS so if you want to know how your movement compares next to elite athletes ask to be screened when your next in.

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation (DNS)

Is an approach to rehabilitation developed in Prague and is used by many top sports stars to stay in condition.  DNS is also helpful to those with pain who have failed with previous approaches. At Whitehall Physiotherapy many of our patients are shown DNS inspired exercises and will often say they feel great afterwards!