Overcoming soft tissue injury to get back to fitness

Soft tissue injury treatment with shockwave therapy
Jarrod Sammut back in action following shockwave therapy treatment for a nagging soft tissue injury

When rugby star Jarrod Sammut developed a nagging calf injury (A Classic soft tissue injury!) he thought it would be something that would get sorted out really quickly. The Team at his club were there to sort him out. And they did a lot for him but his season was in difficulty.

“I have been a bit unfortunate with a few injuries but in this game that is the way things happen.

“I haven’t been overly happy with my own performance but I think I’m slowly starting to get back.

“I’m not where I want to be yet or where I know I can be. But with more game time on the field and the boys around me starting to play some great stuff, I am starting to find my best form and hopefully it won’t be too far away before I am back to my best.”

 The Jarrod found out how Shockwave™ Therapy might be able to help and he came in to see us at Whitehall Physiotherapy.
After a few short sessions he was able to get back his form and was back at the top of his game. “Receiving Shockwave treatment helped to speed up the recovery process so I can maximise my time on the playing field and less time on the sidelines watching.”
Shockwave Therapy works by stimulating the bodies own anti inflammatory response ins a highly targeted and focussed manner. Its ho top sports people are able to remove from long standing injuries so quickly.
If you’ve got a soft tissue injury which simply isn’t going away or you need to recover as fast as possible then Shockwave could be for you.
If so, give us a call to learn more and to arrange an assessment.
If you’ve ever wondered how elite athletes seem to recover so much faster from injuries than the rest off its because they have access to treatments such as Shockwave. Its only available in a very few number of clinics in Yorkshire and Whitehall is one of them.