Have you got a leg to stand on? Well Good for you!

toonvectors-9749-140Many of us have done it and we all probably have one or know someone who has needed the support of an elbow crutch from time to time.

They are a brilliant, simple, device which supports and aids recovery with lower limb injuries. Imagine if you couldn’t get one!

We have the NHS and they supply them left right and centre. The thing is what to do with them once you’ve recovered. I remember a set being propped up for months on the front hall one my house.

There was’t anywhere to take them back to Until Now!

We are collecting any and all elbow crutches you or your friends and family might have and getting them to people who need them. We’ll either get them back to the NHS or pass them on to charity!

Bring any elbow crutches that are blocking your hallway up into the office (Ring first!) and we’ll sort them out for you! Either back to the NHS or we’ll get them to a charity who can get them to people who need them!